We are looking for reviewers who take a critical viewpoint, whose reviews go beyond mere positive/negative response or brief summary. Tell us why we should spend time with a given work and what we should get out of it.

Our current book review series features rotating resident poet-reviewers producing weekly reviews over the course of one month. If you are interested in holding this residency in the future, please send us a short bio, list of previously published reviews and essays (or links, if available), and a short (1-2 paragraph) description of why you are interested in contributing to this review series.

We are looking for pertinent, engaging, and well-researched essays on poetry and related topics. Some specific ideas we are interested in beyond the run of the mill essay are ‘a brief introduction to…’ focusing on as-yet-unbiographied writers or literary movements, an extended reading of a single poem, or a retrospective of a lost/forgotten work.

We are looking for essays of 2000-4000 words, though length is secondary to quality. To submit, please send a cover letter and 300 word abstract. For interviews, please send a cover letter, a brief bio on the intended subject, and a query including the topics you wish to probe.
We are always open to other projects that, while not fitting in the above categories, deserve to be presented to the public. This could include translations, an interview, visual art, photography, video pieces, audio recordings of poetry readings or obscure folk music festivals, or anything else you can dream up.

To submit a special project, please send an introduction with an abstract or query explaining the project.
The Offending Adam